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Thinking of raising a pet in your home? are you suitable for a cat or a dog

Thinking of raising a pet in your home? are you suitable for a cat or a dog
are you suitable for a cat or a dog

Raising a pet is not just a hobby, some open the doors of their home to animals either to teach children compassion for animals, or to be gentle with them at home. But do you know what it really means to have a pet at home and the real value of that, and how to choose the right type of pet for the nature of your work and family life? Your personality and lifestyle determine which pet is right for you.

Commitment to your new friend

The first condition of raising a pet is the confidence that you can fulfill your duties towards this animal, you may find it a hobby, but it finds in you all its world, so make sure that there is someone else who can be relied on to perform your duties towards the new guest, and also make sure that you are able to make the financial commitment necessary to spend on His needs of food, treatment and entertainment, which are important to him, and your lifestyle must also be compatible with raising this particular type of animal. Raising a pet at home is like having a child who does not age, needs care and cannot express his needs.

Do not make him a heavy guest on those around you

The second condition that must be met is the approval of the people of the house for the presence of this animal, and to make sure that no one in the house suffers from allergies towards the animal, and this is because you will not lock the animal in a separate room, but rather it will deal with all members From your home, this must be in harmony with the new visitor. Also, try not to buy it from dealers, because they often expose animals to harsh conditions of life, and first research the animal shelters in your country.

Usually pet lovers tend to certain animals such as dogs, cats, fish, turtles and birds, and here we will list some of the most important facts and information that owners of these animals should know.

Cat breeding is perfect for everyone

Cats are ideal animals for different lifestyles, especially for those who work long hours during the day. Cats are independent creatures, and they sleep about 16 hours a day, but this does not negate that they also need attention and care, such as placing food and cleaning the sandbox of their litter, making sure to follow-up periodically. for their vaccinations.

Dog breeding suitable for families

Dogs are creatures full of energy and vitality, so they must train daily. They fought it off, so it's perfect for families, especially those with children, and for people who work from home.

It should be noted that dogs must be trained to urinate in specific places and follow up on periodic vaccinations, and they must be bathed, as they do not clean themselves, unlike cats, and most importantly, they must live inside the house with their owners, and not be left to weather fluctuations on balconies and on rooftops, as many do