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Maine Coon: Find out all the personal, health, food, price and care information

maine coon

The Maine Coon is the largest pet cat breed in the world in terms of size. This cat is short on the head and then starts to get long at the shoulders and then the whole body. The fur is silky smooth, and it has a large, round head. The main distinguishing feature of the Maine Coon is the large, erect ears above the head. The eyes are large and oval and come in golden green or copper color, and sometimes we find the eyes in a different color for each eye

The Maine Coon comes in different colors such as black, red and white, but the spotted brown color is the most common in the breed. The white Maine Coon has blue eyes, a thick tail of medium length and ends with a tuft of hair, an intelligent, courteous, hunter cat.

This breed is characterized by long and multi-colored hair, high cheekbones, and dense hair in the chest area.

The Maine Coon is one of the smart and loving breeds that is characterized by its calmness and acceptance to live with other animals, and it is one of the most famous types of friendly cats... and many sites say that raising them is similar to raising dogs in terms of intelligence.

The giant, the biggest, the leader: in the feline world, the Maine Coon cat is the most imposing cat there is. He can reach quietly, without being obese, 10 kg and, despite his impressive appearance, he gives a reassuring impression of great confidence.

Autonomous because able to take care of himself in any circumstance, he is therefore a great hunter, in reality a good mix of gentleness and savagery; it is a “working” cat, precisely because of this well-developed predatory instinct; this makes it an ideal country cat; with it, attics and barns are perfectly safe.

But while being very dynamic and loving the outdoor life – he even loves water – he adapts to people with a balanced character, who never go beyond the limits by invading his living space because they respect his instincts. of freedom, to which they do not set too severe limits.

The origins of the Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon breed cat

The Maine Coon is certainly the result of crosses between the native and semi-wild cats of the forests of the Northeastern United States and the Angoras imported by the first English settlers. This is precisely the reason why he was the first cat defined as a breed in this country, entered in an exhibition as early as 1860.

But, even if he met with great success there, he was then eclipsed by the fashionable breeds (Persians, Siamese and cats of other pure breeds). It was not until the early fifties, when a club dedicated to it was founded, that the Maine Coon regained all its prestige, even if it was not recognized as a breed until 1967.

The ideal cat

The Maine Coon is a really large cat; its head is large, longer than wide, of medium proportion to the body.

The muzzle is square, with a rather marked stop at the attachment of the head, and the chin is strong. Seen in profile, it forms a vertical line with the upper lip and the tip of the nose, i.e. it lacks the usual pads forming a bulge at the base of the whiskers.

The cheekbones are high and prominent; the straight nose joins the slightly rounded forehead. The ears are very large, long, open at the base, slightly rounded and with a small outward opening. The inner hairs are so dense that they spread outwards, and the tips are provided with abundant tufts.

The eyes are large and set well apart, slightly oblique and oval, they appear round when wide open; their color sweeps through all shades of green and/or gold, with no relation to the color of the coat; in the white variety, blue and odd eyes are accepted. The body has rectangular proportions, it is massive and heavy, solid, robust, long but not thin.

The frame is heavy and the muscles solid and powerful. Females are noticeably thinner than males. The sturdy legs are of medium length in relation to the body; the feet are very large and round, with a long, abundant interdigital hair, which plays its role perfectly as a snowshoe in the snow and as a flipper in the water.

Endowed with fingers of exceptional length and well spaced between them, they are almost hands and they have an extraordinary ability to grip. The tail is at least as long as the distance that separates it from the shoulder, and it gradually tapers towards the tip; the hair is full, long and flowing.

The hair is semi-long but not uniform; short on the shoulders, it gradually lengthens on the sides and it is rather long and compact on the belly. Along the body, the coat is clinging and has a certain thickness due to the undercoat, but it retains good flow and falls gently. The texture is supple and soft, never woolly; its structure is suitable for outdoor living and it has good water impermeability.

Hair color

Almost all colors are allowed, except mink and colorpoints; the most popular are the tabby and the tabby with white.