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6 Signs You Should Understand When Your Dog Puts Its Paw On You

6 Signs You Should Understand When Your Dog Puts Its Paw On You

6 Signs You Should Understand When Your Dog Puts Its Paw On You

Yesterday our family dog was attacked and killed brutally by another dog. This dog was the sweetest, most loving animal and I say that as a daughter to the owners. He was the most welcoming thing that only ever wanted to give love.

My parents take in old and disabled dogs from shelters and have had articles written about their work rescuing animals and I could not be prouder to call them my mum and dad. But this dog was different, he was not old or physically ill. He came to them suffering from depression and the transformation was nothing short of incredible. We wondered if the shelter had even gotten it right as he was such a bouncy little thing who only ever wanted to play or cuddle or both.

The attacking dog we had also known from puppyhood and belonged to a neighbour we believe has been negligent. The dog has many attacks and reports in his name against multiple dogs, including having attacked our dog yesterday twice before and yet the owners did nothing. They did nothing the first few times their dog attacked others. They did not muzzle the dog. They did not secure their garden. They did nothing but stand there and do nothing when their dog tore our poor baby apart in front of my mum who is now in shock. The vets have said it is the worst attack they have ever seen. Neighbours have said that the owners of the attacking dog seem more concerned about their dog being destroyed than they are worried about his mental well being or the innocent dog who was murdered.

It is seemingly out of our hands now as this dog will most likely be destroyed. The case against the dog is overwhelming with multiple attacks on multiple dogs and humans. However I dont believe the human attacks were ever reported through proper channels. This dog attacked my mum a year or so ago and she did not press charges as she did not want the dog to be put down. We do believe the dog now has to be put down but it is not the dog we blame. We feel immense grief for the life the attacking dog should have led but from witness accounts and behaviouralists investigation this dog now sees other dogs and possibly small children only as prey. Our vet has said better two families lose their dogs, than 3 or 4 or 5 lose their dogs to a dog who is unfortunately beyond any help or control.

I, personally, blame the owners for extreme negligence. This dog would often escape and terrorise the community. They own another dog and we want this dog to be rehomed to a loving home with experience with rehabilitating dogs before it is too late. We do not want to sue the family. No money could bring our little boy back, nor do they have anything to give. We want justice for our dog. Any dog owner will understand that it is not just a dog. Your dog is your child. The only thing my mother could say yesterday is that her son had been murdered in front of her. Their negligence, irresponsibility and lack of care for their animals caused this to happen and they did nothing. From what we can see, dog on dog attacks are only considered a civil matter and I suppose to an extent this makes sense. Dogs are dogs. However they are also a part of the family and I feel like a case like this should have a criminal result. I want the owners to pay in a criminal sense for their wrongs. Yes, I may be hurt and angry, but no mother should watch her beloved boy furry or not be murdered on her doorstop due to a human's inability to be responsible for an animal that is THEIR responsibility.

Is there something I am missing or am I correct in thinking there is little we can do in a criminal sense? I want to know as I plan to petition our MPs and gather signatures to adapt current legislation in the name of our sweet little thing who met an unfortunately violent end